How to Speed Up Outlook

Does your Outlook’s slower speed have made you frustrated? Try these tips for giving a kick to your Outlook.       


If you are using Microsoft Outlook for a long time, you know that it can slow down which will lead to the condition of being it's useless. The state of Outlook being useless makes us very annoyed as we cannot do our any tasks normally. There are several things which can make our Outlook usable as well as improved speed also.   

We have covered some amazing fixes for a much faster Outlook experience.  


1.    Update your Windows  

Most of us don’t know that the update for Microsoft Office is hidden with the Windows updates. It’s not the Office updates which will speed up our Outlook. In many cases, updates get a break and cause problems with the communication between Exchange and Outlook because Microsoft sometimes updates Exchange. You can also download the patch to the application for resolving speed issues.   


2.    By compacting the PST file  

The built-in-tool can help to keep the size of a file under control when the outlook PST file gets out of hand. On many of the occasions the size, of the PST file remains the same even when we have deleted email from our inbox. The process of updating can take some time but it’s a tedious task to do. For compaction, in your Outlook, go to the Account Settings-> Data files. After doing this, click Compact Now in the Outlook Data File Settings which depends on the file size!  

For getting the detailed understanding on this topic, simply call the Outlook Tech Support  


3.    Disable RSS feeds  

Outlook synchronizes the RSS feeds from the Internet Explorer to the RSS reader in your Outlook. If you are using Outlook like an RSS Reader then simply disable the feature. If you are using Outlook 2010 then go the Advanced options and uncheck both options under your RSS feeds.  


4.    Minimize your published and shared Calendars   

The more you publish and share your calendars with other users, the more pressure you are putting on Outlook. The reason behind the slower connection is the more data that we use to push and pull. If you want a lightning speed, just don’t share and publish too much as it will create a hindrance in your performance.   


If you want any other type of technical assistance from the support team member, visit  

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