How to Use Wi-Fi for Phone Calls on an iPhone

Using Wi-Fi for voice calls on your iPhone is especially useful for internat

ional calls since you can avoid

expensive long-distance rates. With apps such as Skype, Viber or Tango, you can

connect and make a

voice call if you are both connected to a Wi-Fi access point.

How to Use Wi-Fi for Phone Calls on an iPhone

While Apple has announced that Wi-Fi calling is a feature for iOS 8 and lat

er versions, the support of this

feature is at the discretion of the cellular provider. The native feature is

enabled and guaranteed to be

widely supported.


Use Skype:

Skype is one of the most widely used and recognized VoIP applications. There

are versions of this app for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and many oth

er devices, which makes it an

ideal choice to use for Wi-Fi calling. When both of you, your cont

act and you are both connected

to Wi-Fi and only need to tap the name in the Skype app screen to start a

call. Skype, In this

scenario there is a fee; however, the fee is typically much less expensive th

an a direct

international call.


Use Viber or Tango:

Viber and Tango are VoIP applications that are widely supported

on smart phones, including iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

Both applications work

similarly and the use of either depends more on your personal preference or which ap


more of your contacts are using. For calling process you and your con

tact must have the same

app installed and you must be connected to Wi-Fi. All that is required

is to tap the contact nameand start a call from the Viber or Tango application screen. These apps

are free and do not

charge for calls over Wi-Fi.


Use Truphone:

Truphone is an application and service more similar to Skype than other

VoIP applications in that it also allows you to call landline and

mobile phones locally and

internationally for a small fee. There is involved a advance service that m

ay allow you to obtain

a SIM card for your mobile phone that will work as a native phone in t

he country. That feature

may be very useful for business.


Native iOS 8 Wi-Fi Calling:

The feature will be included in iOS 8, however, the

support and use of the feature is at the discretion of the cellular provider

. As of July 2014, the

only U.S. cellular carrier that has enabled this feature is T-Mobile. While

there is a hope more

carriers will also enable this, you will need to contact your carrier or

visit the

Apple Support


determine if you can use this feature.

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