40 Glorious Years of Apple

This year on April 1st, Apple celebrated its 40th birthday. Let’s take a look on the journey of Apple-journey of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
In the year 1976 on April 1st in Job’s garage in Cupertino, California, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak present first Apple product i.e., Apple I, with which the journey of Apple started and still continues with MacBook, iPhone 7 Plus, iPod touch, and many other products of Apple.  

Apple revolutionized the entire way we work now. The concept and ideas of the founders were much ahead of its time. The first personal computer for the masses that was released by Apple in 1977 is Apple II. And these days we cannot think of working anywhere but on a laptop/computer only. The next generation is learning to use computers before they can master their writing skills. This is the dynamic power of their thoughts. And these ideas never stopped –from creating Apple Disk II(in 1978)-an external floppy-disk drive Profile hard disk(in 1981)-a 5MB mass storage system, printers in 1982, till now with the release of Macbook, iphone7 and 7 Plus, iPod touch, etc.
Apple launches one brand also and named it Lisa in 1983.This is a brand of personal computers that would offer a GUI(graphical user interface).LISA stands for Local Integrated Software Architecture. And that year one more thing comes in the lap of Apple that is it became one of the Fortune 500 companies. And the journey of innovation and invention continues and with an iconic commercial, Apple launched its first Macintosh which comes out as one of the most successful projects.But this success of Macintosh was such that the company had to stop Lisa. Both the founders left the company in the middle of 80s.

And they continued the innovative culture that they had created continued with Macintosh II, which is the first color Mac.
By the end of 1989, the idea of portable computers had already started coming in the mind of the executives, which further lead to the inventions of “Macbooks”.

The company goes through various leadership changes during the early 90s and when in 1996 the company was back with Jobs , for the next 15 years he works in a way by which he ensures that Apple becomes what everyone is talking about.
The alliance with Microsoft that took place in 1997 was the great move taken by Jobs. And by 1998, by changing the OS strategy and introducing the OS X, the colorful iMac was launched and afterward, in 1999 they created a portable version called the iBook.

The beginning of the 21st century brought in more ideas and was met with grand success. Later on due to pancreatic cancer, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple and Tim Cook took the charge and Job’s vision continued with iPad Mini, Apple watch,iPhone 5C in pastel colors,iPhone 5 with finger print sensor,iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. iPhone SE,iPad Pro.
In November 2014, Apple became the US company whose value is over $700 billion.There are over 1 billion actively used Apple products worldwide by March 2016.   


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